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March 21, 2018

End of Cocoa Conf

This seems to be old news, but it has slipped past me and I’m sure others might have missed it too. In doing some research for a blog post I planed on writing it looks like Cocoa Conf has officially been discontinued after 6 years. CC was a great place to meet and exchange ideas


The blog about writing this blog

Whoa meta 😱   If you’re reading this you’re probably already aware The Springfield Shopper Oklasofts Official hosted blog primary news platform is now live at oklasoftware.com. This was initially hosted on Medium while  focus was spent on getting the new site up and operational, but now with the lion’s share of the work on the new site


Separation of Concerns

One of the first things any self respecting developer tries to get a good grasp on, and will continue to master and refine throughout their carrier is optimizing separation of concerns. Every language has it’s own tools, style and best practices. From subroutines in BASIC and procedural languages to functions and structs in C to

Hardware Projects

Why build a Hackintosh in 2017?

The Hackintosh has long been a popular and largely misunderstood niche in the Mac community, after the latest updates this summer and a renewed commitment from Apple to keep machines up to date many will question why build one at all in 2017? While the individual reasons are as varied and as numerous as there

Hardware Projects

Typing like it’s 1989

Like turntables in the mid to late 00s, if you’ve spent any time around programers, gamers or technology enthusiasts one retro technology you’ve probably notices making a comeback is mechanical keyboards. Unlike the silicone membrane keyboards that have became standard in the mid 90’s mechanical switches are popular because of the tactile feedback and key


Inspiration pt 2

Follow up to last weeks write up here are non iOS and Mac apps that are interesting, diferent or unique enough to justify a second look. Finding new ways to tell your story The most recent addition to this list, that inspired this post was the What football will look like in the future post from

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Finding inspiration in new (and old) places. pt 1.

If you ask most developers in our circles who their influences are they will be quick to come up with a laundry list of highly respected dev shops like BlackPixel, Panic, Omni Group, Bare Bones and countless others. These are all great shops and they deserve the highest respect, but these also obvious. The problem with


What’s in a Name

This is a quick one. I’ve been running with this name for a little over a year officially and been using it in projects here and there for long before that. So to officially set the record straight (and possibly implicate myself in trademark infringement) here is the canonical origin story of Oklasoft. Much like


Hello World

It’s been almost 3 weeks now and WWDC has came and went. Enough time has passed to put all the excitement behind and start putting that experience into prospective. I think my biggest take away this year, more than all the cool new graphics APIs, and more than all the amazing new additions to the

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